Monday, June 15, 2009

Festa at the Villa

On Sunday the dean of our program, Madi, decided to throw us a party at her villa in the countryside. That is just the Italian way of life: socializing, eating, and lying around all day in the sun. I could definitely get used to this!!

Her villa is way out in the middle of nowhere and she makes her own olive oil and I believe wine (either that or it was the neighbor's wine...not too clear on that point). I guess she rents this property out for a week at a time and it can comfortably sleep at least 10 people I think, probably more, and is equipped with everything you could ever want on vacation including an outdoor swimming pool, hammocks, ping pong, internet and tv, and access to activities like exploring caves/canyons or horseback riding! Plus it has the most AMAZING view with spectacular sunsets.

At about noon we all headed out to this villa and everyone brought some food, much like the party the first week we were here at Alan and Patrick's terrace. The afternoon consisted of feasting nonstop, swimming, sunbathing, reading in the shade, napping in hammocks, and listening to live jazz music as Antonio got his band to come out and play! It's amazing how they chain smoke WHILE they are playing. Antonio even holds his cigarette between his fingers while he plays his sax and when he has a few beats rest he picks it right back up. How do his lungs handle it?? Apparently it's a villa tradition to watch the sun set in silence and drink this jenky homemade wine, so we also participated in that and I got some incredible pictures! All in all it was a totally perfect day, and if anyone is considering a vacation in Italy, it's seriously the nicest place ever and I believe it's roughly 600 euros a week for the whole shabang...think about it ;-)

Madi's Villa

View of the pool from the villa

Always eating


snacks by the pool

Antonio's band jamming

Some sunset pictures I took

I also finally took a picture of my Italian sister Amelia! Isn't she cute?

Today we started a new subject-Criminology-with a Slovenian teacher who's last name is Jager! Todd should like that... It's very interesting but sort of hard to follow what he's saying. He also lets us out of class early, which is wonderful :-) So far I have learned that criminology is like the study and application of different theories of crime, not so much the solving or actual crime solving. More to come when I actually start to learn something!

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  1. You are so spoiled!!! You need to write a book on How to Get Your Masters While Flitting Around ITaly!!! Keep the blogscoming!!!! xoxox