Friday, June 5, 2009


Yesterday the mayor threw us a great party as a welcoming reception to the beautiful town of Amelia. Local women prepared amazing Italian food with plenty of wine (as always) and some of the most amazing desserts I have ever had. My mother would be so proud of how many things I'm eating that I usually don't like at all. I'm behaving so well :-) Part of the party included a performance by the Amelian flag throwers, one of whom is my Italian brother Adriano. He has been doing it since he was 4 and even met the pope once! Pretty cool, right? They wear medieval costumes complete with tights and dance around with flags and throw them in the air and across the courtyard to each other and do fancy tricks. It was really awesome, and Adriano was like one of their leaders or something. It was obvious he had more skill than most of the others. It was a wonderful show!

Here we are with the flag throwers

This was a battle where they fought with the flags like swords and one killed the other. It was excellent.

This is my Italian brother Adriano. He did some fancy tricks with his legs and such. Very impressive.

Check out the courtyard where they were performing. So cool! This is where the Amelia Museum is located, which we actually went to for class. It has some REALLY cool artifacts including a wicked famous statue of Germanicus that looks very much like Augustus of Prima Porta. We only were in the museum briefly and have a looking assignment to complete there dealing with observational skills, so I will take more pictures and explain it better when I return.

After the event, we wanted to keep the party rolling and so we hit up an outside bar in a park in Amelia. There are chairs outside and all of the young people come here to enjoy some sort of night life. The bartender was really nice and let me make my own drinks for only 2 euros! AMAZING! Here's an idea of the place:

Here you see Katie on the left, Adriano's friend whose name is something like Xerces or something exotic like that, Adriano, a few of their friends, Lauren and her dog Tulip, Kate, Lindsey, and Olivia who is from England and has the best accent ever and uses it to cuss frequently, which is hilarious.

Here I am with Lauren and Tulip, with Olivia in the background

Katie, me, and ???Xerces??? He told me to call him something like "Champ" but it made no sense to me. I just call him "Adriano's best friend" haha

Then today Patrick and Alan decided to throw a big barbecue at their place because their apartment has these 3 HUGE garden terraces that look out over Amelia and have a fire pit and everything. So we all brought something different for dinner and enjoyed each other's company and delicious food all evening. And boy, we ARCA students really know how to throw a potluck! We had fruit salad with oranges, nectarines, cantaloupe, pineapple, and strawberries; marinated meats and amazing sausages that we grilled over the fire; Italian pizza; lasagna; assortments of cheeze and breads; cookies and bicotti and a DELICIOUS torte thing that Katie and I bought at the dessert shop for 29 euros but it was SO worth it; eggplant and zucchini; salad with tomatoes and mozzarella; figs and strawberries and cherries; red, white, and rose wines; sparkling and regular water; roasted chicken; potatoes; you get the idea. And I know you are jealous. Because it was AMAZING. Apparently these barbecues are going to be a tradition every Thursday night from now on because everything in Amelia is closed on Thursdays...just because. Apparently all Italian towns pick a day of the week to just close. That is so random! But a great excuse to get together and FEAST!

The view of the topmost garden terrace. When it got dark, we lit candles all around the outside wall and sat around the fire. The moon was full and it was so peaceful.

The delicious torte Katie and I brought for the barbecue. Of course I would bring a dessert :-) It was AMAZING.

Tomorrow we are leaving for Rome at 8:30 in the morning and will be spending the day there. I am very excited because I have never been to Rome and I just studied Roman art this last semester at school!! It should be a lot of fun, though I know I won't be able to do all the things I want to in only one day. Look for upcoming stories from Roma!!


  1. Do you remember the festival in Italy where Edward met the Voltari? Sounds and looks like what I envisioned.(Except this is on a smaller scale) Lots of costumes and finery. We Italians love a great party. I think that the movie will have some great reinactments (or at least it should have). I am so glad that you are having fun!

  2. Your pictures are really excellent! Thanks Todd for the new camera. She needed it desperately!!!!!

  3. So, is it at all strange that your mom and I had the exact same thought?? Hahhaha

  4. I'm loving reading your blog. How fantastic for you! I'm so jealous of your Italian Mom's gardening and cooking skills. You'll need to pass on the lessons when you come home. ; ) More pictures! I want to see more of the house you're living in! miss you! (PS I'm song hunting for you while you're away lol)