Thursday, June 4, 2009


Here are some pictures so you all have a better idea of where I'm living and what I'm doing. Just a few general ones. I still have to take some of the people and my house, etc, so look for those in the future!

One of the 2 rooms we have access to at the Biblioteca. We use this one for meetings and parties and using the internet, etc, and the other is the classroom.

Picture of my classroom in the Biblioteca, with my Conservation teacher

Picture of my classroom...and Katie with her GIANT backpack.

One of the streets I walk up to get home from school. Notice the little line of cobblestones to the left? Yeah...that's a "sidewalk" aka jump in a doorway or you will get squished!

So sad. My straightener exploded :-(

The cat, whose name I can't say or spell. He likes to sleep on my bed and make me sneeze.

Pallino! According to Babel Fish online translator, it means bullet. I guess I was close.


The house at the garden

Isa in her garden

The view of Amelia from Isa's garden

This is the building I live in, with the clock on top. It's protected as a historical site by the government. :-)

This is Isa's car...a precious little Fiat that is like 43 years old and was really popular apparently from the like 50s-70s in Italy. Super jenky, but way cute. They also have 2 other cars.


  1. So, are you sure there are no vampires living below ground here? This is pretty amazing, and I want to steal her car! I love tiny lil European cars!!

  2. Amazing stuff love! How long will you be in Italy for graduate school?

    P.S. I am sorry about your Flat Iron.

    R.I.P. Harasyn's Flat Iron

  3. The garden is exactly how I pictured it, and the picture of Amelia looks likes its straight from Wikipedia. :-) Is that the bitchy teacher?

  4. The architecture is wonderful. What a memory builder. You will remember this for the rest of your life. Save the pictures as I can't print out your whole blog for some reason...maybe I'll get Cody to do it for me. Class looks really plain...but house and town and garden fantastic!