Friday, June 12, 2009

Italian Mary Poppins

We have a maid. Her name is something along the lines of Helena and she comes to clean the house twice a week and is absolutely insane. She pretty much yells whenever she speaks (not like mean yells, just LOUD!) and is hilarious even though I have no idea what she is saying. Just the way she talks is so animated you'd think she was a character in the movie. Antonio calls her our Mary Poppins. It's weird having someone come in twice a week to clean my room, but hey, I'm not complaining :-)

Today was a good day in class. Our materials FINALLY came even though it was the last day of Conservation class, and I feel they would have really enhanced the curriculum, so that's too bad. We got to play with raw pigments in their natural forms, varnishes, pieces of canvas with gesso on it and different kinds of paints, wood panels, and other mediums. We got to play with strips of canvas to see how we would make paint crack to look older as a forger would do, and began studying forgeries and trying to tell the difference between them. We got to play with fun CSI like toys like microscopes and UV lights and all sorts of stuff and actually look at an old painting. It was so much more fun than just sitting in class listening all day! We also had an assignment to assess the restoration condition of many works in the museum and today we went over the correct answers. I actually got more right than I thought! I felt pretty smart. :-)

I finally took pictures of my house! I'm just too lazy to upload them right now. Expect them after this weekend. Tomorrow we are leaving for Rome at 6:00 am!!! Bus, then train! We have a tour at the Vatican at 11, and we are going to see plenty of touristy stuff all day, depending on available time. Then at night, a discotec (nightclub) is opening up near Amelia, so a few of the younger students are all getting together to check it out.


  1. That is so cool that you can play with all of the crime tools (as Cody used to call them!)! Just what you wanted to do. I'm jealous that you get to make appts so quickly when you guys go somewhere...we would be either waiting in line or waiting days to get a tour. Looking forward to the pictures of the house and all of your relatives &Mary Poppins, too!

  2. Well there goes my career as an international art forger.... Glad that conservation went well, even if its now over (how fitting). I think a maid would suit you quite well, if your dorm room was any indication...