Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Living on my own :-)

Since my Italian family is on vacation, I've been fending for myself. It has been an interesting experience! I hadn't realized how completely spoiled I was until I had to try and figure out how to make the stove work, or how to navigate a grocery store with my lack of Italian skills. The first dya was rough, but after a long walk to the Coop (supermarket) and a huge bag of fruits, veggies, and snacks, and learning that the starter in the oven is broken and I have to physically light it with a lighter, things are getting better! It's actually fun. I even made some lunch today...real lunch! I sauteed some zucchini and onion in olive oil, just like my mom does at home. It actually tasted exactly the same! Go me! I'm also becoming a pro at Italian laundry...which involves the lovely outdoors as opposed to a drier.

I think my hives are clearing up a bit, which is great! Today is my BIRTHDAY and I think some of us are going out to pizza in the evening. Then tomorrow Alan and Patrick are having a little celebration on their terrace because Katie's brithday is Thursday. Other than that, I'm doing a lot of RELAXING too hopefully get rid of this illness/allergic reaction.

As far as class goes, we had a big bitching session (excuse my terminology) where some of the students presented Noah Charney, the ARCA director, with problems they were having with the program. But out of it, we got one of the 2 massive papers for one class taken off our list of things to complete! yay! Now I only have one 2500 word art history paper, one 5 page criminology paper, and a presentation on Friday for Introduction to the Art World, which is definitely my favorite class so far.

I also had a one-on-one meeting wth Noah. He's such a great guy! He is doing everything he can to make this a positive experience and get people involved with the field of art crime. He helped me pick out a thesis topic, and is helping guide my career path. It turns out that the road to becoming an art detective for the FBI is going to be a longer road than I anticipated...I'll have to go through FBI training and be in the FBI for two years before I can MAYBE transfer into the art squad. And you can't join the FBI until you are 24 years old, I believe. So that leaves me with a few years to get some work experience. I hope you all in the Bay Area are ready for my epic return this fall :-)


  1. You are learning to be a true Italiana..who hoo! Todd will appreciate your cooking skills, especially when I finish with his NAQ! I'm so glad that you are growing in the food dept. and hopefully not just your body!!!

  2. Just watch out for the bottom floor of the FBI, Mulder and Scully will get to you!

  3. I think we'll both be doing some culinary experimentation upon your return. :-) And yes, I am ready for your epic return. But are you ready for my epic visit?

  4. awww, was hoping your mom was somehow making an obscure philosophy reference and not a food reference. Oh well...

  5. Haha mom you spelled it wrong! Epicurean...I looked it up. I'm not that bright :-)

  6. the bay area is ready.... and WAITING!!!!

    and "chair639" is my mom in case it doesn't say lol

    PS- secret is out for sure by September 9th!

    love you!