Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Giant Ankle

I'm allergic to 90% of the planet...including Italian mosquitoes! At the villa I got bitten three times, all of which have reacted differently with my wacky immune system.

One is a regular bite and just itches a bit.

One on my toe became a HUGE blister over night and popped, and decided to goo relentlessly all day. I used about 8 bandaids.

The third decided to swell up to the size of a baseball cut in half and glued to my ankle.

I look ridiculous! Isa wanted me to go to the hospital, but one of the other students got bites from bed bugs and thought it might be shingles, so she went to the hospital but they wouldn't let her leave because they said she had Swine Flu! So we aren't going there...

Here's an awesome gross picture of my huge ankle though.


  1. Ice & Elevation will help it a bit. It looks like the bug that bit you started in one place and migrated to another....probably all from the same bug trying to find the juiciest place. Obviously the ankle is more succulent than a toe. Might not be a mosquito...keep your eyes on it for red lines and/or dark spots!!! And don't be so sweet! That way they won't bite!

  2. hope you werent hoping for skinny jeans...

  3. Just think your journey is fabulous....living vicarously through it!