Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Italian House!

A digital tour of my Italian residence:

My bedroom...that door leads to the courtyard

The courtyard out of the second door in my bedroom. Above is the sky seen between 4 stories of building and no roof, and that doorway across is the door to the kitchen! It's hot, so we keep these doors open usually

View down the stairs of the courtyard. That doorway goes out into the garden, and if you go to the right you will be by Amelia's room

View from inside the front door. My room on the right, Living room on the left

The living room! Leads into the dining room

The dining room! There is a SPECTACULAR view from that window and I get to watch the sun set every night, and look out over Amelia as I eat breakfast! The doorway goes into the kitchen

The view from the window in the dining room

If you look down out the window in the dining room you will see the garden terrace! We have two tortoises that live here

the kitchen!!! The door on the left if the pantry and bathroom, and if you went to the right you'd go out the door with the curtain to the courtyard. Behind the blue cabinets are stairs that go downstairs

to the left of the kitchen is the hallway to Adriano's room (on the left) and Antonio and Isa's room (straight)

the pantry. Look at the small fridge!! the door to the left is the bathroom

The bathroom!!! I shower in a tile and brick cave lol

The toilet...and the bidet! lol

Go down the stairs and to the left you find the laundry room! There's a TINY washer behind me to the left, but no drier. No one uses them here!!

Down the stairs behind the blue cabinets. Laundry room to the left, Amelia's room to the right (double doors) through which is the office, and hall to the garden terrace/stairs to the courtyard straight ahead

Amelia's room, and the office on the other side. Notice how you have to walk through one room to get to the next.

The stairs up to the courtyard (you can see my doorway to my room up on the right) and to the immediate right is the garden terrace. The house is a giant circle!

View of the garden terrace

View of the house from the garden


  1. Said it on facebook, but ill say it again, your room reminds me of Labyrinth

  2. Reminds me of my Nonna's house. All crammed together with thick walls, lots of doorways and space for anything. Lots of plants, mini fridge (cuz she would get so much of her food from the garden or market fresh). But the air is always cleaner and if you have smokers, it is the best way to go. I am so Thrilled for you. This is the way life is supposed to be!!!