Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pictures of the Palazzo Farratini

The ground floor

Here you see the slanty stairs for the horses to get up, and the kitchen on the right

More service rooms, and the family crest in between!

Outdoor party space!

One of the many kitchens

Look at all the yummy food!

Count Farratini! And the walls were done in the 1700s and have never been restored

You can see the damage from the fireplace on this wall

The Cardinal's bedroom that John and Jane are staying in!

It's a closet!

No, wait, it's a bathroom!

Original ancestral portraits...the Cardinal is in the middle!


  1. So...if someone told you that this summer you would be hanging out in castles with counts and their friends etc. would you have believed it? Do you think that people like from Sequim believe it????? Please pass the grey poupon!

  2. I still think countess Harasyn sounds good....

  3. as one of your future instructors, I would suggest that you refrain from placing photos of your instructors and classmates on the internet.