Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SHOPPING and a castle :-)

Every day is a full one here. Today after class I had to dedicate my time to the second museum assignment, and then run home to drop off my stuff (up the huge hill) and then run back down town so Isa could take me shopping in her favorite boutique in Narni, a few towns over. That store = heaven. But SUPER expensive, holy cow. They had the cutest dress and an ADORABLE suit but it was all like 400 euros +. But I did walk out with some amazing jeans and a new dress...don't worry...I won't tell you how much they cost, mom. :-) Everyone needs a quality pair of Italian jeans! And it says "Made in Italy" on the butt...

After spending far too much money, Antonio, Isa, Patrick, Robin, and I all went to Todi to have dinner in a castle! Apparently there is this festival that lasts all summer in this region of Italy and every week or so the location switches towns. There was live music and real dancing...the kind where everyone knew the same dance and it was all coupley and awesome...and raffle prizes (I won a sweet hotwheelsish thing for Todd lol) to raise money for international adoptions, little things to buy like at a fair, and of course a bar! I guess in each town, a big chateau or castle or estate is always opened to the public and turned into a restaurant/fair area, so in this case we got to eat dinner in a castle! The food was amazing, but my stomach will never adjust to the serious carbohydrate overload or 5 course meals! However, this was some of the best pasta I've ever had. It was fresh and in little clumps, much like how my mom made pasta after she returned from her trip to Italy when I was in middle school. Remember the dough being scraped over that thing with holes? Very similar. And VERY amazing. And the sauce was absolutely phenomenal. Apparently this kind of pasta can only be found in this village and is a secret recipe!

I'm alreayd wiped out. I fell asleep during a video in class on the restoration of the Sistine Ceiling, which is actually something I'm very interested in. We are going to try and convince our Conservation teacher to take us there on Saturday instead of a class! And on Sunday is the pool party at Madi (the Dean)'s house! Life in Italy is all about food and parties and taking your time. It is a completely different culture and I'm still trying to adjust. We are all bringing food to Madi's and Isa is going to teach us how to cook some things. She's the most wonderful woman! So sweet and so funny and very intelligent, and sometimes she just says the funniest things that almost kill me from laughter! Like today she was pretending to be a mime and I almost fell off my chair it was SO funny (she works with children, a lot of the time autistic children, so she's good like that), and then she told me how she fell asleep during one of her observations today because the chairs were so comfy, but she "has the problems with the respiration so she could not sleep in secret" hahaha!!! Antonio is also hysterical. Since the castle is not normally a restaurant, we were eating off of plastic dishes and he was not pleased. He kept interjecting conversations with random sentences like "I don't like to eat off of plastic plate" or "I don't like to drink out of plastic glass" or "I don't like to make love to plastic woman." I cried. Literally. It was just so random and SO FUNNY. I couldn't have been placed with a more wonderful family!!! I love them all!

As for Italian entertainment goes, I highly recommend watching La Finestra di Fronte. That was a wonderful movie! I think I'm going to buy it when I get back to the US. Or maybe even over here! Who knows? And I downloaded a song from it....Giorgia- Gocce di Memoria. Mom, you will love this song. Get Cody to download it for you. You too, Hadley!

OH and on the way to Todi, the most BEAUTIFUL sunset ever seen by human eyes graced the Italian countryside that is already magnificent with it's rolling green hills and rising hill towns. On the way back to Amelia from Todi, the moon was HUGE and bright orange. We stopped at a monastery to see a view of the lights of Amelia, the giant moon, and the stars. Bellisimo!!!! And then....we almost hit a porcupine! Yeah! A real live GIGANTIC wild porcupine! Those babies are huge! There he was, just waddling across the road like he owned it! I screamed haha. I didn't know what it was at first. I never thought porcupines were so BIG! Just thankfully we missed it, otherwise we would have been transformed into Italian shishkabobs!!!!


  1. The only emotions that come to my mind after readings these is extreme jealousy, love, and separation anxiety. I'm so happy that you're getting more and more comfortable being there. More importantly, I can't wait to see my new Hot Wheels. :-) I love you, sweetie.

  2. you know why I was so paranoid about getting too much weight on when I was a kid. It also explains why I had so much trouble with my health and the carb thing!!! Do we need to send over a lackey to stand by your desk at school to slap you around when you fall asleep? You are definitely getting the best of the trip....Keep the blog rolling. I love it!!!

  3. Fantastic! I love the stories about your Italian parents! Make sure you're collecting recipes for me! =)

  4. slightly disappointed at the lack of vampus in the castle...

  5. And kinda wish i lived in New Jersey right now, round trip to rome for under 500...