Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July and Roman Cisterns

It's been a while since my last blog, which I have been told is making a few of you impatient, but trust me! There hasn't been much to share. Classes have been long, though we are in the middle of Archaeology and Antiquities Law and Looting, and the History of Art Crime, both of which are incredibly interesting. I am giving a presentation on Marion True on Wednesday, and for Noah's class we have to make a plan to steal something from the museum in Amelia and how we would do it, how we would smuggle it out of the country, and how we would sell it! It's very fun.

My Italian family has returned from their vacation, so I'm eating well again. I also learned that my Italian sister's name is actually Emelia...not Amelia. Good to know after being here for a month! Robin's daughter Khoe (you say it like Chloe, but without an L) is 17 years old and is here for a few weeks and I love her to death. She's from Poulsbo, so we have lots in common since we are from the same area in Washington. We managed to successfully set her up with my Italian brother Adriano. It was a collective effort on EVERYONE's part, including the other ARCA students and their own families.

For the 4th of July, we decided to throw a big party up at Alan and Patrick's garden terrace. It included American classics such as hot dogs, hamburgers, birra (beer), an American flag cake, and some live blues music, thanks to a friend of Antonio's. Of course there was also plenty of wine, dancing, and photography. I have included some pictures here.

Today we went on a tour of Amelia...after living here for 5 weeks! This would have been useful on the first week! This was a more historical tour as opposed to the practical tour we had been given before (bank, ATM, laundry, food, class, etc) and we learned about the 4 doors into the city of Amelia and their significance, we toured some Palazzos that have areas open to the public, saw the theater, which was awesome, and went down underground into the ancient Roman cisterns. And then, as it has been happening every single afternoon, we had a HUGE storm with lightning and thunder and rain that will drown you in 30 seconds. It cut our tour shorter than we had planned, but hopefully it will stop before this evening as Emelia's friend's folk band is performing tonight in the chalet (outdoor park area with a bar). I hope to go to that later!!!

Next weekend we are having an ARCA conference in which we are having guest lectures and handing out awards to those dedicated to the fight against art crime. It should be very interesting! And at night we are having a gala in order to network and all of that good stuff. I'm excited to finally dress up and wear some cute heels!

The weekend after the next is a long break for us, so Todd is flying in on Weds and I will meet him in Roma for a 5 day vacation! We plan to see things I have yet to see, like the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and Pompeii. Expect plenty of pictures!!

NOTE: Uploading photos isn't working right now, so expect some pictures to go along with this blog at a later time. Thanks! Ciao!


  1. When planning to steal something, it is best not to choose a large statue..... trust me!!

  2. So steal something that looks like any tourist could have it. I got my ring outof Istanbul by just wearing it and they had no idea I bought it there...unless you tell them. The chess set from Egypt was another matter...I got stopped everywhere with it and the Greeks wanted to confiscate it as an art object

  3. I can't wait to see pics of the cisterns! I'm kinda sorta a little bit excited for that whole Rome thing too. ;-) Love you!