Monday, July 6, 2009

Pictures from the 4th of July and the Tour of Amelia

Here I am with Khoe, Robin's daughter from Poulsbo, WA!

Khoe, me, Emelia, and Adriano at the 4th of July party

My very favorite girls :-)

The ARCA girls doing prom pose with the "Harasyn Shoulder" and funny faces! And look at the lightning in the background on the left! Always thunderstorms here in Amelia.

Gavino playing some good ol' American blues!

My Italian mother, Isa!

The event that started our rap song, "Jeky in a Box."

One of the streets in Amelia

Inside the teatro sociale. The curtain depicts a fictitious scene of a battle where the city of Amelia was victorious because of the defensive walls around the city!

Teatro Sociale

One of the many churches

The well just outside of the Roman cisterns that would have brought the water up to the people!

Down the scariest steps into the cisterns...

The water was coming in the cisterns from the storm outside! Lauren utilized her umbrella!

Me, inside the Roman cisterns...there were abotu 10 huge rooms elaborated connected in ways to maximize water flow. It's a very intricate process that is actually incredibly interesting. Those Romans were brilliant! Nothing has lasted as long and has been effective since. If you care to hear all the details about this magnificent system, just let me know!

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  1. They'd never make it at NAM.. Shoulders are WAY TOO that a word? LOVE the pictures and the engineering that went into the cistern process. Why don't people learn from the past rather than trying to reinvent it?