Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Provenance Network

I know many of you following my blog are interested in art crimes and issues relating to cultural heritage, so I urge you to join this online group that will email you updates on news of the like.

The Provenance Network is an independent service that gathers news and information relating to provenance in the realms of art and cultural heritage, disseminating it to museums, cultural heritage professionals, private collectors, law enforcement agencies, archaeologists, scholars and journalists.

This group is run by Tom Flynn, one of our fantastic professors I had the pleasure of learning from in the ARCA program. Please pass the word along of this wonderful new network that has been made available to us!

Here you may see a sample of what The Provenance Network has to offer.

The Provenance Network

You can either sign up to receive emails or simply check in from time to time and read the latest news about cultural heritage online! Enjoy. :-)

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