Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brief Update

Travis McDade, who was going to teach Forgery and Deception, was unfortunately unable to make it due to a last minute back injury.

We have started Museum Security classes with Anthony Amore of the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum (where the biggest heist of the last century has taken place) and it's wonderful! He's such a fun character and very laid back, but extremely professional and knowledgeable. I'm really enjoying his class and getting to know him on a more personal level.

Because of the last minute change in schedule, we luckily get Sunday off (YAY!) as well as next Wednesday, which would have been the very last day of the program. This is wonderful because my brother gets in that morning, so we have the whole day to do whatever we like! We will leave the next morning for Venice, hitting up Bologna and Padua briefly along the way. After a couple days staying on the beaches in Venice-Lido, it's off to a fancy (yet affordable!) hotel in Rome, from which we will take day excursions to Naples and Pompeii (fingers crossed!).

Then on the 31st it's back to the States! I'm so excited to come home. That day also happens to be my nephew Giovanni's first birthday! I can't wait to celebrate and give him some Italian presents.

Once I get home, I will be very busy with the Miss Washington pageant where I will give up my title over Labor Day weekend, and then I'm holding a massive garage sale to get rid of much of my college stuff to make room for my new life down in San Rafael!! I can't wait to move back and into my apartment on the 16th of Sept! I'm also in the market for a job, so anyone who knows of someone within the art world hiring....please let me know!!!!! Actually, at this point, I'd be willing to take ANY job that will pay my rent.........

In other news, I have been spending a lot of time with Emilia since she has been back, and I've realized I will miss my Italian friends terribly! I'm so spoiled over here! I wasn't feeling well last night and I was completely taken care of! Then this morning I woke up to a delicious nutella croissant and a note for breakfast from Emilia and a friend Andrea, and as I stepped out the door, another friend Renzi was there with his car to offer me a ride to school! It's so wonderful having made these connections that I know will last a life time. I miss my Italian parents and brother though, who are no doubt having the most amazing time in Corsica. If only I could have gone too! :-(


  1. That's cool that you get an extra full day with the bro! And I can't help but notice that there is a certain event missing from your events once you get back. I have to assume because it is simply too cool for words :) Can't wait till my vampu is back stateside!!

  2. The reason I haven't mentioned vampu adventures in Forks is because you haven't given me dates or any assurance yet. After those are set in stone, we are good to go!