Sunday, August 2, 2009

Generic Update

There's not much new or exciting to write a blog about, so I'll just give you little tidbits from my past week.

Any of you who have subscribed to The Provenance Network may notice the drama going on with the Museum Security Network played out to a point where the original administrator of the MSN will continue running it as opposed to closing it down, as was the previous decision. Therefore, The Provenance Network will be closing this week and encourages those interested to subscribe there.

Our teacher for this session, Dick Ellis--former Scotland Yard art crimes detective--and his family spent much time with me and my Italian family over the past few days. His wife and daughter are truly amazing people as well, and I have been very fortunate to become friends with them. I plan on visiting their home outside London in the near future. Dick will also be my advisor for my dissertation. I am very excited to work with him further. He is a great inspiration.

Amelia and the surrounding towns are full of life as Medieval festivals are taking hold on the summer season. Many nights I have been to plays, parades, regional dinners, modern dance performances, African and gypsy concerts, and local artisans selling their handmade crafts. My family should expect wonderful Italian presents! I love supporting the local Italians that spend so much time creating beautiful arts and crafts and everyday products, even if it costs just a little more. I've spent much time in the neighboring towns of Giove, Porchiano, and Tuscania. I have a few random pictures from here and there, and I'll see what I can do to upload them and give you a peek.

I have spent many days at a friend of Isa's villa, swimming, sunbathing, and eating fresh green grapes straight from the vine. It's truly a paradise! We had a few more days off, so I spent some time working on final papers for classes we took in the beginning of the summer. I can't believe I only have one month left! I've really grown to love this place. I hope to own a villa one day in the countryside of Umbria. Maybe when I get insanely rich?!?!

I've also made a great friend through Emilia named Eleonora and she is absolutely adorable. Next weekend she will take me to Viterbo to go shopping. We both love shoes! :-) Italian folk music has grown on me, as has popular Italian music on MTV. My playlist is slowly evolving into a mix heavily peppered with Italian lyrics!

When I think of something more meaningful to share, I'll be sure to blog. Until then, ciao from Amelia!

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