Sunday, August 16, 2009

Notte Bianca

Today is my last day off until classes have completely concluded. That's right! I have class every day until the 27th, including Saturday and Sunday. From 10:00-5:00. Joyous is my life.

The timing, however, is great because I definitely needed today to sleep since last night was Notte Bianca (White Night) after some national holiday for the Virgin Mary. Basically, everything was closed all day until about 8:00 PM when all of the stores opened and there was a concert in every piazza and different outdoor taverns created specifically for the holiday were set up. The piazza my house is on which is usually a parking lot was turned into a restaurant/bar/concert stage with dancing!

From about 8:00 until midnight, all of Amelia is one big concert and dinner. Anywhere you go, there was live music and food (of course). And then once 12:00 hit, the whole town turned into a giant all-night rave! You could even buy glowing wands and devil horns or rabbit ears that lit up! Each piazza had a stage with a DJ and different techno-ish music, much of which could be recognizd from the early 90s in the States.

I spent the evening out with my Italian friends, whom I feel more at home with than the other American students. By 4:30 I was completely exhausted but forced to remain on the dance floor until the party ended at 5:00, after which I was dragged back up the hill to a little bar where we were able to get fresh croissants with nutella and cappucinos for breakfast. I didn't actually get to bed until 7:00 AM, but it was well worth it. A great way to spend my last night out in Amelia!

Below are some pictures of my Italian friends and me at Notte Bianca:

The piazza by my house! FULL of people!


With Marco e Marco

Emilia, Marco, me

With Alessandra, the singer of Fischi Per Fiaschi!

Tomorrow I start the last 10 days straight of class: Forgery with Travis McDade, and Museum Security with Anthony Amore. It should be a lot of fun, but also a lot of work! I'm currently caught up with all of my school work (after slaving over papers and presentations for the past couple weeks), and am now working on a paper focusing on money laundering in the art market. The guidelines are fairly strict, so hopefully I'll be able to get through it alright.

On the 26th, my big brother Cody will be coming to Italy for the final 5 days of my journey here. We will attend the farewell dinner and then leave early the next morning for Venice! Important stops on our journey include the Lamborghini factory, Padua, the beaches of Venice-Lido, then down to Roma, with a journey to Napoli and Pompeii! We rented a car to make sure we'll be able to do everything we want before we have to go home on the 31st.

Then it's back to real life! I don't know if I'm ready for it yet, but I'm definitely ready to not have homework and papers and tests for a while!! I will be so busy upon my return to the States: Labor Day weekend I have the NAM Miss Washington pageant where I will be giving up my title, and then the following weekend I am having a massive garage sale to get rid of all the junk I don't need anymore in anticipation for my move back to California on Sept 16th! I already have a nice little apartment in San Rafael ready and waiting for me!

See everyone so soon!!!!!!

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  1. I better not see a large penguin at that garage sale!!! I'm pumped for you to come back, hooray vampu adventure!!