Monday, August 24, 2009

Orvieto and Pseudo Graduation

Saturday night was the last terrace party, dubbed the "Triple Crown Get-Down." Before hand, Emilia invited a bunch of her school friends over for a dinner party. It was wonderful getting to meet more Italian girls my age! I made some new friendships, and we all enjoyed some delicious Italian cooking and a night of music, dancing, and (of course) endless vino.

Triple Crown Get-Down with Tess, professor of Cultural Property Law

On Sunday night, I went with the usual Italian group to Orvieto for an Italian folk concert. Since I hadn't been yet, I was very excited to see the town and the cathedral, which is absolutely breathtaking and MASSIVE. I swear we stood and looked at it for half an hour, and even they were taking pictures, and they live here full time. See for yourself:

Orvieto at night

Here you see where the concert was. The neon lights = the stage

One of my very favorite songs goes, "ciao bella, ciao bella, ciao, ciao, ciao!" It's so much fun to go and sing and dance at these concerts! We also ate some apple donuts that were like actual rings of real apple inside of donuts and covered with powdered sugar. Delicious!

Today we had class with Tess and Noah. We learned a lot about working organizations and different conferences in the field of art crime. We also got to talk a little bit about our dissertations that we will all be working on this fall and resources that will be available to us in the future. It's all so very exciting! Then, we were surprised with a brief pseudo graduation ceremony. We got certificates that state the completion of 300 hours of graduate level classes, and once we finish our dissertations (assuming they meet the standards) we will receive our diplomas via mail. Next summer, they will have the ARCA conference on Forgery and Deception (as we had to replace that course because of Travis McDade's unavailability) so that we can return for the conference and even maybe present papers ourselves and have a more formal graduation ceremony then.

One really awesome thing about ARCA is that we are able to attend any class in the program for the rest of our lives (or the life of ARCA) free of charge! This means if they have new subjects, new teachers, or I just want a refresher course, I can always come back and check it out without a hefty expense. YAY! So if anyone wants to come to Italy with me next July, start saving now!

Receiving my certificate from Noah!

We have one more day of class with Tess tomorrow, and the end of the year party has been moved to tomorrow night because it is more convenient for everyone. That will be my last villa pool/dinner party of the summer! :-( And then my brother arrives on Wednesday to start our tour of Italy! Watch for exciting stories and pictures from that adventure.

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  1. Im so proud of you, sweetheart! I'm saving for Italy next year already, don't worry. :-)