Monday, July 2, 2012

African Adventure Day 7: The Prince

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our guide had been kind enough to arrange our taxi ride the Thursday morning back to the airport from our hotel in Lalibela, and we woke up early to get ready. During the night, we had awoken to some scratching sounds in the bathroom…it sounded like a mouse was eating our bathmat. When Todd got up to check, the light scared away whatever it was. For me, this is basically the equivalent of camping.

After sleeping for a few more hours in a surprisingly comfortable bed, I tried to use the shower but, despite the careful instructions from the hotel staff, the water never got warm. This resulted in a freezing half-bath where I stood outside of the shower and splashed water on myself to try and get clean from the blanket of dust that had coated itself on me over the past 24 hours. We then returned to the restaurant for breakfast, where I decided to try Ethiopian coffee for the first time since our arrival. Big mistake! Whether it was the coffee itself or it just triggered an illness that began the night before, I developed some kind of food poisoning or stomach bug that I fought all the way back to the airport and the entire length of the plane ride back to Addis.

Ethiopian coffee

Todd enjoying "Ethiopian dessert" aka a toothpick

Right before the illness hit

Back in Addis, my Friend picked us up at the airport and dropped us off at the Godfather’s apartment. Feeling terrible with my stomach bug in full swing, I crawled into bed and laid around for the majority of the day in various states of delirium. We had plans to go horseback riding that evening with a friend, and I hoped that I would feel better by that time. After all, this was our last night in Ethiopia! So I sucked it up, grabbed a plastic bag for barfing emergencies and some top ramen to soothe my stomach, and jumped in the car to have one last adventure.

It was late when we arrived at a magnificent home, which belonged to (who we like to call) the Prince, a friend of my Friend with a fabulous British accent who is somehow related to Haile Selassie and has an affinity for playing polo and collecting Range Rovers or something of the sort. Though he lives alone, his driveway is packed with all of his fabulous vehicles and he has a beautiful stable full of awesome horses who apparently have these exciting haircuts that make them look more like Paris supermodels than horses. The house was palatial and we sat by the fire sharing stories and making new friends, with everyone drinking top shelf cocktails except me, who feasted on ramen noodles prepared by the staff (but you have to say "staff" in a British accent so it sounds more like "stoff"). It was one of those nights that would have been perfect if it wasn’t for my illness. 

Below are some photos from the Prince's house that Todd took:

View of the Prince's living room from the second floor

We are seated around the fire, to the right of that classic vehicle

Todd put up a valiant fight at pool...but lost by one point

One of the halls is all decked out in fabulous polo gear

Eating some ramen to calm my angry tummy.
I'm wearing a hat inside because I look totally haggard.

Hilarious because I'm totally creeping and my Friend has no idea!

Trying out some holistic pressure point magic to cure my illness!

Close up

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