Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mayan Riviera Day 12: Leaving Paradise

January 12, 2016

There is not much to report from Tuesday the 12th, as we woke up and headed out around 10:15 am to catch our shuttle to the airport. Since we only had enough pesos left to tip our shuttle driver, we spent some time trying to figure out the best way to haul our own luggage up the various sets of stairs to the lobby without calling the bellboy. After a few unsuccessful attempts of locating appropriate elevators and/or ramps, we dragged them ourselves up the many steps, just in time to catch our shuttle. After our nightmare experience with Super Shuttles, we opted this time for USA Transfers, which was a 5 star experience all around. The driver was prompt, we were the only 2 he was driving, he was courteous and very friendly, and the cost was the same as using Super Shuttle. I highly recommend them instead.

We had lots of time to kill at the Cancun airport, and they don't announce what gate your flight is departing from until about half an hour before boarding begins, so we had burgers and onion rings at a Johnny Rocket's in the food court. We elected this familiar restaurant over the loudly publicized American Kitchen by Guy Fieri, which was clearly the main draw of the food court, demonstrated by the huge portraits of Mr. Fieri plastered various on walls of the airport from the floor to the ceiling, with arrows leading the way. Seeing as how he's from Santa Rosa, it didn't seem necessary we succumb to the blatant marketing.

We had to catch a connecting flight in Denver and were fortunate enough to have more passes to the United Club Lounge, which happened to be located directly next to our gate. We were able to have a bit of dinner (for free!) in the Lounge, and head out for the last leg of our journey. My seat on the flight was smack dab in the center seat of the center row, with Todd on one side, and a large man who insisted on invading my personal space throughout the entire flight on the other. The people in row in front of us spoke almost no English and rode the whole flight with their seats in the reclined position (even during takeoff and landing, despite the flight crew’s instructions), and completed the flight with one of the children in the group throwing up all over himself and his chair. Not a great way to spend the evening.

After traveling for more than 15 hours straight in total, we arrived back at our home in Petaluma in the cold rain, which was a terrible contrast to the previous conditions of our vacation. But there is, as always, no place like home, and it was a joy to be back.


  1. Be it ever so humble! I'm so glad that you guys got to go! Hooray!

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