Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mayan Riviera Day 7: Mesoamerican Reef

January 07, 2016

Thursday we didn’t have anything planned and decided to just play it by ear and relax for our last full day in Puerto Morelos. We woke up and had breakfast in the hotel restaurant, heading down right after 8:30 to try and avoid the latecomer treatment we had previously in the week. We were able to get a table outside right next to the edge of the patio with a view of the beach, and had the best breakfast service we have had yet at the hotel. They promptly brought us juice Tang and coffee, as well as the fruit and toast, and were attentive enough to refill coffees and even ask if we wanted something additional made, like eggs or pancakes, etc. We didn’t even really know you could have that done here! The restaurant is such a mystery.

Breakfast on the beach

After breakfast, we headed to the pier to procure a snorkeling trip for Todd. As mentioned in previous posts, I don’t do well with water activities that involve getting my head wet, and my crippling fear of sea life also leaves me out of the snorkeling ring, but I definitely can appreciate the appeal. Since we are staying right off the Mesoamerican Reef, which is the 2nd largest coral reef in the world and snorkeling here is supposed to be great, I didn’t want Todd to miss the opportunity. I think I was more excited for him to go than he was. He took the underwater camera and promised to take some exciting pictures. There is a little booth right by the pier just a few doors down from the hotel and they have snorkel tours going out really whenever you want. Only $25 for 2 hours, 2 stops, full equipment, bottle of water, etc. Seemed like a great deal, so we sent him out and I went back to the hotel to hang out on the beach and continue reading Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please” on my kindle while watching pelicans dive bomb for fish just feet away.

I can't complain about this view!

Todd lived up to his promise, bringing back photos of all kinds of undersea creatures: fish of all different colors, coral of various shapes and sizes, jellyfish, huge barracudas, a sea turtle, a squid, a brightly colored lobster-ish guy (I don't know my sea animals very well), and a few other unidentified lovelies. This is how I like to view my sea life—from the safety of a digital screen. Here are some of the remarkable photos he took on his excursion:

Here he is!

Love this round coral


Can you see the squid?

Rainbow colored lobster-ish animal. 

I love this shot of the surface



We then walked along the beach to the other side of town, but the weather, though warm, was a bit cloudy and windy and not great for a swim, so we headed back to our hotel for showers and reruns of Parks and Rec (what can I say? Amy Poehler is a personal hero). As I was drying my hair, Todd headed next door to pick up some burritos to go (or as they called them, “large tacos”) that we enjoyed in our room, followed by the best coconut flan I have ever had, with a consistency closer to cheesecake than the more jello-like flan I’ve had previously in the states. Yum!

A lazy afternoon brought us back to the square after dark for a walk to the pier and to watch them take down the giant canopy from the event the previous day. Since lunch had been so late, we weren’t hungry for dinner, and just had a nice stroll to say goodbye to Puerto Morelos on our last night here.

Adios, Puerto Morelos! Sunrise photo by Todd Sipes

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  1. The picture of the round coral looked just like the surface of a cantaloupe or a decrepit old man's head! I loved the pictures!