Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Turning 30 in Washington DC: Day 2

Saturday, June 3

Thanks to jet lag and high levels of adventuring the day before, we got a late start Saturday morning and headed out to visit some of the monuments and memorials. Unfortunately, this combination of weekend timing meant the crowds were out in full force and parking was a bit more of a challenge.

Driving in DC is not for the faint of heart. Turn signals are apparently only suggestions, pedestrians ignore traffic lights and walk into oncoming traffic, and no one thinks twice about cutting you off. The road signs seem to contradict one another, and GPS elects to inform you of your turn just moments before you should take it. We ended up taking some accidental excursions into Virginia and Maryland, which provided the opportunity to practice our patience/positive attitudes as well as see some of the surrounding areas. What struck me was the amount of green vegetation--so thick and dense, it reminded me of Puerto Rico. 

It was a very hot day with minimal cloud coverage, and with lots of walking and creative driving we were able to see some of the main points of interest including the Washington Monument, as well as the Lincoln, Jefferson, FDR, Vietnam, and WWII Memorials. 

Lincoln Memorial

Hot Dog!

FDR Memorial

Dave legitimately started barking at the statue dog.

Jefferson Memorial

Despite Pennsylvania Avenue being blocked off in front of the White House, we were also able to catch a glimpse from out front. Dave, dressed in a very presidential suit, was a hit with other tourists. Strangers kept asking to take photos of him, and then would politely ask me to step out of the photo(!)...I should start charging for this.

White House

In the afternoon, we met up with Dave's girlfriend, Maya, under a tree next to the Washington Monument. Maya is an Instagram sensation with nearly 95,000 followers. They have been sending each other gifts and photos online for the past year, and finally got the chance to meet! Maya's brother Winston and their friend Minnow joined us for a couple hours, and it was so sweet watching them play. 

Dave and Maya

That evening we met up with my friends Nick and Kate again for dinner, this time at a popular Korean restaurant. I'd never had Korean before, so it was a delicious adventure for me! I would definitely eat there again, and enjoyed the outdoor patio seating where Dave could beg for scraps from under my chair. 

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