Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Turning 30 in Washington DC: Day 3

Sunday, June 4

On our last full day in DC Todd enjoyed some urban exploration while I slept in in our comfortably air conditioned apartment. We had a mellow day planned and spent the morning researching places that offered dog-friendly boat rentals. 

We decided on Tidal Basin, which has a great view of the Jefferson and MLK Memorials, as well as the Washington Monument (which has a pretty good view from almost everywhere, I've discovered). We wanted to rent a boat that looked like a giant swan but it was too small to bring Dave with us, so we settled on a paddle boat just like the kind my grandmother used to have when she lived on Hood Canal in Washington state.

Jefferson Memorial

In direct sun with no shade and a pretty substantial current, boating was hard work!! We only stayed out for about an hour before heading back, but it was certainly a fun adventure and an even better workout. 

After boating, we picked up lunch at Shake Shack to see if the burgers lived up to the hype. In terms of fast food, it's clearly better than something like McDonald''s still fast food. I wasn't terribly impressed, and wouldn't go out of my way to eat there again. But this review is coming from a Californian who doesn't like In-N-Out, so...there's that. 

We had a restful afternoon and headed back out to watch the sunset at the National Mall and take some photos in front of the Capitol Building. There was a concert going on during this time, which was a pleasant addition to our warm evening stroll. We topped the evening off with ice cream from one of the many food trucks parked on the perimeter of the lawn.

Once the sun went down, we went to view some of our favorite monuments lit up at night. It's a totally different experience than seeing the monuments during the day, and I highly recommend it to get a well-rounded introduction to the city. Just beware of all of the bugs!! We got chewed up taking photos of the WWII Memorial at night, and could see enormous swarms above the lights near the water. Yuck!

Capitol Building

WWII Memorial

Found it!

Jefferson Memorial

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